Note: "Bellcrank" is also known as 'Pitman Arm'.
Torque SpecificationsFt-lbNm
Bellcrank Shaft Locknut
Bellcrank 7/16-inch Locknut50 to 70 68 to 95
Bellcrank Support Bracket30 to 4541 to 61
Bellcrank-to-Tie-Rod End38 to 4541 to 61
Drag Link Ball Adjusting Nut2027
Drag Link-to-Bellcrank Arm2027
Pitman Arm Nut185251
Power Steering Pump
Adjusting Nuts and Bolts30 to 4041 to 54
Mounting Bracket Bolts30 to 4041 to 54
Steering Knuckle Upper Ball-Stud Ring Seat5068
Upper Ball-Stud Nut100136
Lower Ball-Stud Jam Nut85115
Steering Connecting Rod6081
Steering Tie-Rod End Nut6081
Steering Gear-to-Frame Bolts
1949 to 1971 Models
7/16-inch Bolts45 to 5561 to 75
3/8-inch Bolts30 to 4041 to 54
1972 through 1986 Models
Steering Gear-to-Bracket Bolt Hex Head70 95
Steering Gear-to Bracket Bolt Torx Head5575
Steering Gear-to-Frame Bolt5575
Steering Shaft Coupling Bolt4561
Steering Arm-to-Tie-Rod5068
Steering Arm Nut150203
Steering Wheel Nut20 to 3027 to 41
Wheel Bearing Outer Locknut5068
Wheel Lug Nuts65 to 8088 to 108