'78-'90 AMC/Jeep V-8 'TeamRush' Ignition Upgrade


AMC/Jeep V-8 Engines, 304, 360 & 401 from '78 to '90,
'TeamRush' Ignition Upgrade

This is the "Official TeamRush Ignition Upgrade" page,

I am 'TeamRush' and 'JeepHammer' on the Jeep forums,
I devloped/refined this upgrade for the online Jeep Community several years ago,
And I've never stopped refining/testing the parts used, install instructions/proceedures, ect.,

And this is the ONLY AUTHORIZED version of the 'TeamRush' upgrade.

Jeep Used AMC V-8 engines, The 304 In CJ Jeeps,
360 & 401 Cubic Inches In Full Size Jeeps,
And The Larger Engines Are Popular In CJ Vehicles.

But here, we are dealing with the '78 to '90 FACTORY Ignition Systems.

The Factory System Used was the Jeep Version of the (Ford) 'Motorcraft Distributor' and 'DuraSpark' ignition module.

The distributor it's self looks like these pictures...